Monday, January 20, 2014

Book Reviews - 1

I love reading books and Im very much happy to spread the fragrance of joy that I received from Good books..Yup..I accept the proverb "Books are real friends" to the core of my senses..A single book can change a person's life and it does in many lives.A person's character can also be judged by analysing the type of books he reads often..(I havent gone to that extent to analyse anyone :) )....And a healthy book reading habit can even change the history of a country..(Although the knowledge u get from a book is only a fact unless u use it in ur real life)..A single word from a nice book can recharge you for so many years when u are at the edge to breakdown...

I would luv 2 spend my entire life reading books(anyways thats not possible :( ).I even wish to be born as a human in all my seven births (Just to read,read n read...). I discovered my luv for books only after completing my college graduation..(Yup..U r right ..Im an engineering student..)..So,letz nurture the reading habit for our next generation at a very early stage..I luv spending my time at book exhibions r book fairs with a gud friend of mine(Can include my mom at first place bcoz she luvs shopping as well as books)..Im always excited 2 see the ppl sitting (immersed in books) at landmark(few ppl of my kind)..

As you know,there are so many varieties of books..One might equip u with a greater knowledge..n one might bring vicarious joy & when things r not going as expected,one might strenghten u to overcome deep sorrows..I feel it would be very much helpful to review only the books which create a positive impact on me..and pledge to do it regularly :)..If u too accept my believes n reviews , pls do drop ur opinion on it..:) .Happy reading..:)
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