Friday, May 16, 2014

Radish roti

 If there is any vegetable which I hate the most in the whole world , it is none other than this smelly veggie (radish) just before I made this recipe. I started liking it once being coated with masala and being stuffed inside a roti..(like this)..For sure u too would love it. :) ..Here is the recipe for u :) ...
Ingredients :
For the stuffing :

Radish                        -           3

Mint                           -           2 sprigs

Red chilli powder   -           1 tsp

Turmeric powder   -           1 tsp

Salt                             -           As required

Jeera                          -           1 tsp

Oil                               -           As required

For Dough making :

Wheat Flour                        -           2 cups

Salt                             -           As required

Red chilli powder   -           1-2 tsp

Method :

Make a soft dough out of the ingredients  under “For Dough making” and keep it aside for two hours.

Grate the radish and add salt . Keep this aside for 10 mins.

Now gently squeeze the grated  radish and remove the extra water content in it .

Take a frying pan and pour oil in it.

Add jeera to it and then add mint and radish.

Fry this for a while and then add all the powders and salt.
Roll the dough into a very thin chapathi using the rolling pin.

Then place the stuffing over it and then place another thin layer chapathi over it.
Now fry this in a hot tawa with either ghee or oil .

Serve with your favourite side dish.

Enjoy yummy yummy pics  :)




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