Monday, April 21, 2014

Sprouts chapathi

I always love to make a twist in the regular chapathis to make it much more healthy. I came across this recipe in a supplementary issue of aval vikatan and decided to try it the very next day . It is good to add sprouts to your food this summer as the sprouts are known  to reduce the heat of human body and it is very nutritious too.I wish to dedicate this recipe to parents(as most of the kids hate either salads or chapathi).One can add mint too which would add to the flavour. You can buy the readymade sprouts out there in the market or u can have the joy of growing the lentil yourself. I chose the later one. Here is the recipe for you.

How to grow green gram sprouts :

Take required amount of green gram and soak it in water overnight (in a hotbox).In the morning you can see some tiny gentle sprouts just starting to grow . Now instead of completely emptying water, just leave little water in it and close it. When you open the box in the evening or the following day, the sprouts would have grown to full extent (to your pleasant surprise :) :) :) ).
Caution : U cant make sprouts out of the roasted green gram.

Ingredients :

Green gram sprouts                -   1 cup
Coriander                               -    1 cup
Wheat flour                            -     2 cups
Corn flour                              -     1/4 cup
Garam masala powder           -    1 or 2 tsp
Red Chilli powder                 -    1 tsp
Salt                                        -    As required
Oil                                         -    As required

Method :

1. Grind  green gram sprouts and keep it aside.
2. Take a bowl and add wheat flour and corn flour .
3. Mix them and make a well at the center.
4. And pour oil into it and then add coriander,two powders ,sprouts paste and salt.

5. Mix them well and make it into a dough.
6. Make small balls out of it and proceed as like a regular chapathi .

7. Serve with raitha or any kurma n enjoy  :)

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