Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fruit Kesari

Fruit kesari  is a sweet delight which is very easy to make. It has a slight variation from the regular ones that we add fruits here.The smooth texture of the fruits, especially bananas add a yummy taste to this sweet n just melts in the mouth . My mom used to make it whenever I come home. She came across this recipe from a book.Usually, people make kesari when guests arrive unexpectedly.And if u make a slight twist in it, the taste would be amazing n u would get a quick applause from them.Here is the recipe for u...
Ingredients :

Sooji(White rava)               -              1 cup
Sugar                               -              1 ¼ cup
Banana(Big)                      -              2
Apple & Pomagranate         -              ¼ cup
Cashewnuts                      -             8 – 10
Raisin                              -              8
Elachi powder                    -              1 Tbsp
Kesari colour powder          -              1 pinch
Rose essence                    -              2 drops
Ghee                               -              ¾ th of a cup.

Method :

1.Roast the rava until the aroma spreads and keep it aside.Finely chop the fruits. Take a pan and pour half the amount of ghee mentioned above.

2. Add Cashewnuts and raisin and fry them in medium low flame.
3. When the raisin gets bloated fully, add the finely chopped fruits and fry for a while.

4. Now add water (it must be double that of sooji)  and let it boil keeping the flame in medium low.
5. Now add elachi powder and then the kesari colour.

6. When the water starts boiling, add  sooji  little by little (take care no lumps are formed) stirring well in medium flame .
7. Now add the remaining ghee and stir well.Add the rose essence at this stage.

8. Add sugar and it will leave water .

9. Stir for sometime and when the ghee separates , the kesari would become non-sticky.
10.This is the right time to stop cooking. Serve hot . It would be a perfect sweet on a great evening.

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