Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How FULL is your BUCKET

"HOW FULL IS YOUR BUCKET" is a "New york times #1 best seller"  and an eye opener.

About the Author :

The author  Tom rath  has written  other books like "strengths finder" and "Strength based leadership" which are all new york times' and wall street journals' long running best sellers too. And the author Donald O.Clifton Ph.d was cited as the"Father of Strengths Psychology".

I saw this book in the Grand glaize library, twin oaks. I was rushing out of the library as it was already 8 in  the evening and I haven't cooked the dinner too. I just grabbed few story books for my kid and thought of leaving. But as soon as I saw the front cover of this book, something inside said I should just take it. I did without even looking inside. But only when I started reading it, I realized it is not only  worth reading but needs to be revised often.

Here we go for a quick tour inside the book.

Theory of dipper and bucket : 

Each of us has an invisible(emotional) bucket and dipper. When our bucket is full, we feel more positive and optimistic. But when our bucket is empty, we feel awful. That is why we feel irritated when someone dips from our bucket.
  But we have a choice every moment to fill or dip from others bucket which will have a long lasting impact on our relationships, productivity, health and happiness. And when we dip from others by doing or saying something that decreases positive energy of others, we diminish ourselves at the same time.

The book starts with a short story about the aftermaths of a korean war to illustrate how negativity is a slow poison. And the author goes beyond that saying "Positivity is more powerful than negativity and it has a stronger impact".

He illustrates so many short stories on the way to show how positive bucket filling can make wonderful changes to our lives.

Magic ratio :They have taped the speech of many couples and predicted whether they will be together or not .And they verified it after several years to be true.This prediction was based on a  magic ratio.

In the conversation for a moment, if the ratio is  5 postitve interactions for 1 negative interaction then the marriage is supposed to be a successful one.

The story about Tom, who suffers from a life killing disease , is the story of  an overflowing bucket which is worth a read. On reading this story again and again, our buckets will be filled for sure.

And one more thing the author points out clearly is that same kind of bucket filling too doesn't work. But individualized bucket filling can change a person's life forever.

Five strategies for a successful life :
  1. Prevent bucket dipping,
  2. Shine a light on what is right,
  3. Make best friends,
  4. Give unexpectedly,
  5. Reverse the golden rule.
Following are the jist of guide lines given in the book to practice the strategies in real life.  
  • Try and push the pause button in your head when you try to dip from others ' bucket.
  • Every time when you fill a bucket ,you are setting something in motion.
  • Any longlasting relationship needs regular bucket filling.
  • Increasing positive emotions could lengthen lifespan by 10 years.
  • Even a small thing like knowing the names of people whom we regularly see and calling them by the name they prefer to be called will have a major impact on people.
Conclusion :

Avery nice book and worth a read !!!

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