Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Veg spring roll

It was raining outside and suddenly a thought creeped over my nerves and stimulated me to do something crispy and deep fried . the first option that came front is the veg spring roll. I remember those days when I tortured my mom to make new starters every weekend from those of  Mallika badrinath's books(one of my favourite  authors). This recipe is one of those appetizers she made for me and I loved it a lot. And Whenever she makes it ,Im honoured  :) . This is one such awesome recipe to make your guests go mad at your cooking skills. Here we go , with the recipe .


Ingredients :
1.Carrot                          -    1/2 cup
2.Cabbage                     -     1/2 cup
3.Big onion                   -     1/2 cup
4.Capsicum                   -     1/2 cup
5.Noodles(Optional)   -     1 packet
6.All purpose flour      -     3 cups
7.Oil                               -      for deep frying
8.Pepper                       -      1 tsp
9.Salt                             -      As required 
Method :
1. Chop all the vegetables into very fine ribbons. Take a pan and pour oil. Then add all the vegetables and fry for a while.

2. Meanwhile cook the noodles separately in boiling water. Now add the noodles to the pan and add salt and pepper. Keep it aside.

3. Take maida in a large mixing bowl and make a dent in the center. Then add oil and salt to it. 
4. Knead it  into a dough and make small balls out of it.

5.Now,using a rolling pin make a flat sheet out of the balls.
6. Then place the veggies into it and roll .

7.Deep fry the rolls in medium flame. Cut each roll  into three small pieces using a sharp knife.

8.Serve it hot with ketch up :) .




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