Sunday, June 8, 2014

Paneer Mutter Masala

Mutter paneer masala is a very good alternative to the usual paneer butter masala and chana masala too . And it has added nutrients too as we add peas here. It goes well with naan , roti or chapathi. I like to have it with  Kashmiri pulav. Many of us think that paneer gravies cant  be made at home just like the restaurant .But that is absolutely wrong and you would feel it once you try it…have fun enjoying it..

Ingredients :

1.Paneer                       - 1 packet

2.Peas                         - 1 cup

3.Big onion                   - 2

4.Ginger                       - 1 inch piece

5.Garlic                        - 4 pieces

6.Tomato                     - 3

7.Casher nuts               - 5

8.Kasuri methi              -1 pinch 

9.Red chilli powder        -1 tsp    

10.Coriander powder      -1 ½ tsp

11.Garam masala powder-2 tsp

12.Turmeric powder             -1/2 tsp

13.Green chlli               -1

        14.Jeera                      -1 tsp

15.Fresh cream             -1/4 cup

16.Salt and oil                     - As required

Method :

1.Boil the peas separately (If you are using frozen peas , soak in water overnight ).Chop onion and grind it along with ginger and garlic.

2.Boil tomato and peel off the skin. Let it cool and grind and then filter the seeds and keep it aside.

3.Grind the cashew nuts along with 1 Tbsp milk.

4.Take a pan and heat butter and fry the paneer cubes in it.(Be very careful not to overboil it).

5. Then immerse the paneer cubes immediately into warm water.

6. Take a pan and pour butter into it. Then add jeera . When it sputters, add green chilli.

7. Now add the onion,ginger and garlic paste to it.

8. Cook it in medium or lowflame until the raw smell goes off and the oil gets separated at the edges.(its colour also would change)

9. Add all the specified powders to it.

10.Then add the tomato paste or readymade tomato puree.

11. Cook it for few mins and then add the cashew paste to it.

12.Now add the boiled peas along with the boiled water(don’t add too much water).Then add the kasuri methi.

13.Allow it to boil until the fine consistency is reached. Just before switching off the flame, add the paneer cubes to it.

14.Add the fresh cream before serving.

Note  :

1.   If you want the paneer to be very soft, u can avoid frying it .

2.   You can also add milk to replace fresh cream(but be sure to add it while n low flame).

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